I had originally come to Zadar only for the Plitvice Lakes, but was pleasantly surprised by the town itself!

1. Sunset at Sea Organ and Solar Panels

2. Plitvice Lakes

3. Walk the town


Sunset at Sea Organ and Solar Panels

This is apparently the only sea organ in the world, so that is pretty cool. Basically it is a break wall with holes in it that plays music when the swell moves up and down. It is not the most beautiful music that you have ever heard, actually a bit creepy but it is something to see! I would recommend hitting this spot at sunset for the full effect. Once the sun goes down you are also able to see quite the show coming from the solar panel floor behind the sea organ. The panels are not only beautiful but also happen to power a great deal of Zadar’s waterfront.



Plitvice Lakes

The Plitvice Lakes are incredible. Many people say that they are better than the Krka Falls, but the jury is still out on that one. Much like the Krka Falls, these guys can be easily reached by city bus. My one main tip for the lakes is to check the weather because in my experience it was MUCH different than Zadar. I was prepared for a nice sunny day but ended up having to buy souvenir jackets to keep from turing into an ice cube in the rain. This park is also very large so be ready with your tennies and a backpack!



Walk the town

If you know me, you know that I get a kick out of the old towns and Zadar is no exception. It is actually the oldest city in Croatia which has been continuously inhabited by people! As you can imagine it has accumulated a lot of history and charm throughout the years. When arriving to the main downtown area you will see the ancient city walls which were built to protect the surrounded area from war. Take a stroll around the town and you are sure to find some good stuff!



The Zahah Lazy Monkey’s hostel is the best! I ended up there because of someone else’s recommendation and ended up having a great time. The layout of the hostel makes it impossible not to make friends, and it is also in a great spot! As I said before, make sure to check the weather at the Plitvice Lakes before taking off to explore them because the weather there may be much different than it is in the beach city of Zadar!


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