So I started out thinking that I would be in Split for about three days… But I ended up there for almost two weeks. I am not even sure that I can pin point exactly what I liked about the small town so much. I do however know that I loved it!

Here were my 3 TOP FAVORITES while hanging around Split:

1. Krka National Park

2. Majar Hill

3. Beach


Krka National Park

Krka, Krka, Krka. What do you even say about such a beautiful place? First off, getting to the national park is a piece of cake. There are many ways, but I found the buses of Croatia to be the easiest! You can walk right up to the ticket counter first thing in the morning and buy a ticket to hop on a bus (about $15). The bus ride does take a bit over an hour if I remember correctly. When you arrive make sure to purchase your return ticket so that you know that you will not be stranded. I chose to take the last returning bus so that I would not feel rushed. Once there you will need to also buy a ferry and entrance ticket (show your student ID for a pretty major discount). Take the ferry over and enjoy the day swimming in the crystal blue water, and exploring the waterfalls. There are many different waterfalls so make sure to follow the path all the way around the park!



Majar Hill

Majar Hill is a great walk to get a view of the entire city, as well as the beautiful surrounding water. I would recommend the small hike at sunset for the best experience! To get there you will head along the oceanside path for the harbor at the point (to the right of the city if you are looking at the water). Once you hit the bend you will see a small sign and a whole lot of stairs! Start up the stairs and make sure to continue past the restaurant. I think people stop here thinking that this is the top. Head up through the trees and up to the very top of the hill for the best views!



The water in Croatia is absolutely breathtaking. It is crystal clear and a perfectly refreshing temperature. There are tons of different ways to check out the beach from tour groups heading out to the islands or just simply picking a spot to relax for the day. The tour groups are great, but make sure to shop around for the deals. Many of them are over priced but you can find some affordable ones! If you are looking for the best spot to relax for the day I would recommend walking over to the beach that is past the point at Majar Hill. Over here you can lay out on the rocks, jump off the rocks and swim around for the whole day. There is also a restaurant over here if you find yourself getting hungry!




My main tip for this little town is to take advantage of everything outdoors. The ocean, and lakes here are unlike anywhere else I have ever been. Also, make sure to book your hostel according to location. Split has a ton of really fun hostels located right in the heart of the city, this way you do not have to mess around with taxis or other public transportation! Lastly, if you are feeling like a night out on the town hop on the bar crawl. It happens every night of the week during the summer time and meets at the bell tower. It is a great way to meet people!


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