My name is Taylor and I love FOOD, the ENVIRONMENT, and FEELING GOOD. I have created this site to combine my passions and share them with you! I was born and raised in sunny Southern California a few blocks from the beach. I have always love the outdoors, and prefer to spend the majority of my time with the sun on my back and saltwater in my hair. I developed a deep appreciation for both food and nature from my parents at a young age, and it has stuck with me throughout the years.

Recently it has developed into more than an appreciation, as I had the opportunity to study Environmental Science at UCSB. During my time away from school I became fascinated with our food system, and the obvious make over that it needs! I realized that this was a sector of the environmental movement where I really felt that I could make a difference. I ended up interning for an urban rooftop farm where I learned about the Tower Garden systems. I truly believe that by bringing the growing process back to the people or at least near them again, we can reconnect individuals with their food. This reconnection can have a tremendous effect on people’s diets, and overall health. Not to mention the environmental benefits that come from local, sustainably grown produce!

I hope people will be able to use this site to see that a more sustainable, healthy and happy life is attainable!

“Love what you love without hesitation” -Unknown